Year 6 Residential - Morfa Bay 2015

Welcome to the page for the 2015 Morfa Bay trip. Mr Hutchison will be updating the page each day while the children are away to keep you up to date with the events.

Day 1 - Monday 13th July

 After leaving late and a very long journey (the bus driver got lost), we arrived at Morfa Bay eagerly awaiting of first activities.  Mrs. Healey's group and Mrs. Pinchin's group went climbing while Mr Hutchison's group took of the infamous mud assault course.  In true style Mr. Fletcher arrived just in time for tea.  It was a great day in the end finished off with a good evening meal and a loooonnnnngggg walk around Morfa Buchan.  Children were nice and tired when then went to bed and slept really well.


Day 2 - Tuesday 14th July

We awoke 'nice and early' with the sound sound of rain lashing against our windows - we finally knew we had arrived in WALES. We set off on our activities for the day. High Ropes, The Mud Assault Course and the Word War 1 trench were the order of the day for Mrs. Healey, Miss. Hicks and the rest of Ramsey.  Mrs. Pinchin, Mr. Fletcher and Pendine enjoyed Orienteering, Woodland Scramble and finally Archery with MB Biking.  Marros and Mr. Hutchison took on the Zip Line, the Woodland Scramble and finally the Climbing wall.  Children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect.  We spent the evening on Pendine Sands where the children splashed in the waves.  What a great day.  Lots of tired children who finally slept like a dream.


Day 3 - Wednesday 15th July

Today the sun is shining - obviously shining on the righteous.  Looking forward to a really good day.

Glorious morning in the sunshine.  Mr. Hutchison and Marros have been up the High Ropes course, everyone got up and did really well, some really brave children.  Miss. Hicks, Mrs. Healey and Ramsey have been on the Woodland Scramble.  They have had a really good time walking through the river and crawling under tree stumps.  Mrs. Pinchin and Pendine have been learning all abut WW1 in the Trench.  Smiles all round from the children and the staff so far.

This afternoon Mrs. Healey, Miss. Hicks and Ramsey group have been on Orienteering and Caving.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, although the girls did have to rescue the boys on the Orienteering course.  Mrs. Pinchin, Mr. Fletcher and Pendine enjoyed an afternoon of Zip Line and Abseiling.  Mr. Fletcher was very proud of his 'perfect' landings on the Zip Line. The children really enjoyed themselves on these activities and have not stopped talking about them.  Mr. Hutchison and Marros have been showing off their skills on the MB Biking track and learnt all about World War 1 in the Trench.  They performed well on the bikes and learned a lot in the trench.

We have once again be blown away by how well behaved our children have been.  They are courteous, polite and well mannered and a credit to you and the school.

This evening we had a fantastic BBQ for tea.  Mr. Hutchison ate far too much food but it was well worth it.  We spent the evening on the beach and bought ice creams and played games.  Children were all in bed and asleep by 10:30pm. Bargin.  Great day planned for tomorrow.



Day 4 - Thursday 16th July


This morning we clearly had some very tired children as we had to wake them up at 8:10am.  After breakfast we began our adventure for today.  All groups spent the first part of the morning back at Pendine Beach doing bodyboarding. Children loved this activity and had so much fun playing and splashing in the waves.

Mr Hutchison and Marros went on the abseil tower and then down the cave.  Children and a brilliant time although crawling on our tummies wasn't comfortable for some of us big kids.  Mrs Pinchin and Pendine have been on the Mud Assault Course and somehow managed to find Sam's shoe that he had lost on Monday.  They then went on to sing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' on the High Ropes course. Mrs. Healey, Miss. Hicks and Ramsey flew down the Zip Wire and navigated beautifully down the abseil tower.

Dinner will be followed by a disco. 

Morfa Trip 2015 Gallery

Here are some pictures of the Morfa Bay Trip 2015.