Inter School Competitions


Cross Country

1st race - Our second Cross Country meet was on Thursday 2nd October 2014. We took 29 children to compete in the long distance race at the Vineyards. All of our girls finished in the top 100 of the girls race, with Annika Preest coming 6th and Freya Howell coming 11th, both beating their previous result. In the boy’s race, Jamie Hill produced a fantastic display of running, finishing in 8th place. The turnout for the boy’s race was the biggest we've had this year and Ollie Thomas ran fantastically, finishing in 22nd place. Currently, we are 4th out of the Girl’s Large School standings and 5th out of the Boy’s Large School standings. Miss Budhan and Mr Howell could not be more proud of the children who always show off how hard working and polite “TEAM MITTON” are! Well done - keep up the good work!

2nd race - Last week, we had our third cross country meet of the year. All of the children we took with us put in 100% effort and made us very proud. Annika Preest beat her last standings with an impressive run and came 4th in the Girls race. Jamie Hill wowed us with a fantastic 3rd place finish. Another great performance was made by Bailey Beaumont-Gardner who topped his last standings by over 70 places! Team Mitton showed great sportsmanship and supported each other fantastically. Miss Budhan and Mr Howell are extremely proud of all of the children who took part in the events. Well done!

26th February 2015 was the 3rd Cross Country race of the year. Mitton had a strong team of boys and girls to run the race around the Vineyards. This race was slightly different to previous ones and involved an uphill run in the middle of the course. It was the boys turn to run the muddy course first and Mitton showed fantastic skill. Jamie Hill ran a great race and came 6th. Sam Carter showed off his sporting skill in 23rd place and Oliver Thomas battled hard for 27th. Next up was the girl’s race. They braved the uphill climb and showed exceptional determination. Freya Howell amazed us all by starting and ending in 3rd place! Annika Preest did us proud coming 9th and Leah Doyle came 32nd. Miss Budhan and Mr Howell want to congratulate Team Mitton on a superb race.

(5th March 2015) Well done to all the children who took part in the cross country event at The Vineyards. The children all worked extremely hard to improve on their previous positions. Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially those who ran for the first time.


On Tuesday 7th October 2014, we took a netball squad to play in the League 1 competition at Tewkesbury School. This was the first time we had played this year. All our squad put 100% effort into all their games. We played against the top 4 teams in the league, and showed our “TEAM MITTON” fighting spirit. Miss Budhan could not be more proud of the good sportsmanship and effort the squad displayed. Well done to Harry Ashmeade, Tabitha Daunter, Emily Tinker, Kirsten Giles, Rebecca Leggett, Molly Brown and Mollie Horsley. The League 1 competition will continue on Tuesday 4th November. We know that you will do us proud!

Team Mitton had a fantastic evening at the Netball Tournament on Tuesday 10th March. We won 2 out of the 4 games that we played and ended up 3rd out of all the large schools! We secured victories over John Moore and Hopelands. Shona Franklin (Captain), Harry Ashmeade, Poppy Buckland, Callum Ferreira, Emily Tinker and Kirsten Giles worked fantastically together as a team and showed real confidence playing against the other schools. Go Team Mitton! 


On Tuesday 18th November 2014, Mitton Manor took part in the ESFA Tournament at Tewkesbury High School.  The team did exceptionally well which resulted in Mitton coming in a very close 2nd against all the large schools in the area.  Sam Carter, Ryan Holberton, Jacob Packwood, Riley Tait, Jack Cooper, Ollie Thomas, Annika Preest, Jamie Hill and Tom Hopkins all represented the school impeccably with the “Player of the Tournament” going to Sam Carter for his tenacity and valiant defending.  The achievement of coming 2nd in the tournament was then triumphed in the Penalty Shootout Competition where Mitton came in 1st place out of 9 Tewkesbury schools with Jack Cooper making some impressive saves along the way. Well done to all the players.  

On Tuesday 25th November 2014, the Mitton Manor football team competed in the District Football League at Tewkesbury High School. With the weather being similar to the North Pole, all children who took part did so with enthusiasm and great character. Although we were not as successful as we were in the cup competition, we managed to accumulate enough points to leave us in a promising position for the second round of matches next year.  A big well done to: Jack Cooper, Sam Carter, Ollie Thomas, Ryan Holberton (player of the day), Jake Bowden, Blake Fletcher, Tom Hopkins, Jamie Hill and Harry Greening.

On the Tuesday 24th of March, a squad of nine children from Year’s 5 and 6 took part in a Football Tournament at Tewkesbury School. The players were; Tom Hopkins, Jamie Hill (captain), Ollie Thomas, Harry Ashmeade, Harry Greening, Gregory Brotherton, Ryan Holberton, Sam Carter and Freddy Chamberlain. Following this we came 2nd out of the whole tournament beating Twyning 2-0 in the semi-finals, then drawing in the final against Tirlebrook. Sadly, we lost 3-2 on penalties. Mr Howell said he was over the moon with the team’s effort and was extremely proud of all who took part! 


On Thursday 19th March, Mitton Manor took part in the District Tag Rugby Tournament at Tewkesbury Rugby Club. The team blew Mr Fletcher, Mr Howell and Mr Thomas away with their skill, determination and passion. We won all of our pool games convincingly which put us straight into the final against John Moore. We eventually ran out as runners up which is a fantastic achievement and gives us great hope for another Tag Rugby competition next week! Congratulations on such a great performance! The team consisted of; Sam Carter(c), Jack Wood, Marcy Goodwin, Emma Lewis, Ollie Thomas, Callum Ferreira, Jake Quemby, Connor McCarthy, Connor Redfern, Harry Greening, Kye Roberts and Annika Preest

On the 26th March 2015 some Y5 and Y6 pupils from Mitton were invited to Newlands to play in a rugby tournament. They came 15th out of 42 schools. We played 5 games in the morning and 3 games in the afternoon. We did very well in the morning winning 4 out of 5 and in the afternoon we won 1 out of 3. The squad was; Sam Carter (captain), Emma Lewis, Marcy Goodwin, Kye Roberts, Jack Wood, Harry Greening, Oliver Thomas, Callum Ferreira, Connor Redfern and Connor McCarthy. Well done!


On Tuesday 16th June 2015, TEAM Mitton took our Y5/Y6 cricket team to a tournament at Apperley Cricket Club. We showed fantastic skill and sportsmanship and played four games overall.  We won our first three games against Twyning, Deerhurst and Tirlebrook’s second team in the brilliant sunshine.  Jamie Hill (Captain), showed fantastic leadership skills when arranging his field and supporting his team mates.  Our final game against the Tirlebrook first team was the decider. It was a tough and extremely close game.  Sadly, we lost by a mere three runs, after being in the lead during the second innings.  All of our team showed how much they had improved their batting, fielding and bowling skills and should be extremely proud of coming runners up. They were awarded their well-deserved runners up medals at a presentation. Well done Jamie Hill, Sam Carter, Harry Ashmeade, Joe Hartell, Harry Greening, Callum Ferreira, Emily Tinker, Ollie Thomas, Millie Horsfall, Emily Tinker and Jake Quemby. Well done Mitton!


Tuesday 23rd June 2015 was the annual Tewkesbury District Athletics Event held at Tewkesbury School. We had a strong team, who had trained hard. The children made the staff, parents and families at the event extremely proud! TEAM Mitton’s athletes had worked hard in their athletics after school sessions and this was shown through our results on the night. Every single athlete showed true determination as they competed. Right across all year groups the children were winning points for Mitton, proving that we were a strong team.

Key results are as follows:

Third place runners: Sophie Jackson (75m sprint), Jamie Hill (1000m), Millie Horsfall, Isabelle Macpherson, Thea Price, Sophie Jackson(4x100m baton relay), Ava Rushby (50m sprint), Sam Carter (Hurdles).

Second place runners: Casey Steger (50m sprint), Holly Greening (50m sprint), Leon Preest, Ryan Holberton, Oliver Thomas, Gregory Brotherton-Starikovich (4x100m baton relay)

First place runners: Leah Doyle (50m sprint), Oliver Thomas (75m sprint), Freya Howell (1000m), Oliver Thomas (400m), Marcy Goodwin, Shona Franklin, Isabelle Godzisz, Emma Lewis (4x100m baton relay), Isabelle Godzisz (Hurdles), Hannah Lewis, Jessica Quinn, Freya Howell, Leah Doyle (Shuttle relay), Piers Kavanagh-Shields, Charlie Peterson, Bailey Beaumont-Gardner, Casey Steger (Shuttle relay)

At the end of the evening, we discovered that we were placed third overall out of the large schools, with a very small gap to second place.

Well done to our fantastic athletes!

Jamie Hill and Marcy Goodwin (Team Captains)

Year 3 - Holly Greening, Robyn Smith, Evie Lawley, Sofia Sztymiak, Oliver Mitchell, Oliver Summerell, Benjamin Wilkes and Jake Rowden.

Year 4 - Piers Kavanagh-Shields, Charlie Peterson, Bailey Beaumont-Gardner, Casey Steger, Hannah Lewis, Jessica Quinn, Freya Howell, Leah Doyle and Ava Rushby.

Year 5 - Millie Horsfall, Isabelle Macpherson, Thea Price, Sophie Jackson, Annika Preest, Leon Preest, Ryan Holberton, Oliver Thomas and Gregory Brotherton-Starikovich

Year 6 - Jamie Hill, Charlie Bowery, Sam Carter, Kye Roberts, Marcy Goodwin, Isabelle Godzisz, Shona Franklin and Emma Lewis.

Thank you to all the staff and families for their support on the night!


On Wednesday 24th June, 10 Year 5 children attended the Tri-Golf Festival at Sherdon’s Golf Centre. We had a fun packed morning where the children took part in lots of different activities. We would like to thank the parent helpers for transporting and supporting the children. Jo Pinchin



On Thursday 1st October we took our cross country team to the Vineyards for the first cross country race of the year. Our squad put on a fantastic show of determination and skill. Freya Howell came second in the girl’s race, with Annika Preest only just behind her in 5th place. Oliver Thomas was fantastic, finishing in 3rd place in the Boy’s race. Bailey Beaumont-Gardner stormed in at 19th place. Well done TEAM Mitton. 

On Thursday 9th October, we took TEAM Mitton to the highest attended Cross Country race of the year so far. All of our children competed to the best of their ability showing great tenacity and determination. We were particularly proud of the way some of our children supported their team mates. This made us very proud of our fantastic children. Well done toall of those who competed. 

On Thursday 15th October, TEAM Mitton took part in the last Cross Country Race of the term. Once again, the children showed off their fantastic skills and talents. Freya Howell blew us all away by coming in 2nd place in the Girl’s race with Annika Preest just behind her in 5th place. Bailey Beaumont-Gardner was absolutely amazing and came in in 12th place which was a personal best. TEAM Mitton did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to the next race in February.


On Friday 6th November, Mitton Manor took part in the ESFA District Football Tournament. After 4 hard fought matches, we were just pipped to first place (by one goal!) and eventually finished 2nd overall, which was an excellent result! All the team represented the school maturely and with passion. Well done! The team: Ollie Thomas, Gregory Brotherton, Hannah Lewis (Player of the day), Connor Redfern, Ryan Holberton, Freddie Chamberlain, Bailey Beaumont-Gardner, Piers Kavanagh-Shields and Callum Ferreira.


On Monday 18th January 2016, Casey Steger, Fraser McNamee, Harrison Shaw, Oliver Mitchell, Robyn Smith and Isabelle Macpherson took part in the Tewkesbury District Swimming Gala. All children had a ‘splashing’ good time and performed excellently in all the races. A special mention goes to Casey Steger who won the “Most Stylish Dive”. Well done to all!


On the 22nd of March Mitton played a Football Tournament at Tewksbury School. We played very well winning the first game 1-0 against C of E. Next, we played a hard fought match against John Moore drawing 0-0. Then we played against Tirlebrook, which was a very hard game, also ending 0-0. We won our group, meaning we were through to the semi-finals against Twyning. This was a great game played by both teams but we took the edge at the very last minute winning 1-0. We were through to the finals; it was a close match and the game had to go to penalties. Mitton took their penalties with great confidence winning 4-3, taking the cup!! What a great afternoon!


On 17th March  Miss Budhan took the Tag Rugby team to Tewkesbury Rugby Club for the Tag Rugby Tournament. In our Pool, we faced Tredington, Tirlebrook, Hopelands and Twyning. We achieved 3 wins against Tredington, Tirlebrook and Twyning and a draw against Hopelands. This meant that we were through to the semi-finals. Here, we faced Deerhurst. It was an extremely tight game which led to us having to go to extra time, where the next try would win. Unfortunately, Deerhurst managed to score; however, Mitton did a fantastic job! It was then time for us to take part in the 3rd/4th place position decider against C of E. We came out fighting and won 2-1. This meant that not only had we achieved 3rd place, but we were also the Large School Winners!


On Tuesday 4th June, Miss Budhan took 10 children to play at the GCB Kwik-Cricket Tournament at Tewkesbury Cricket Club. Despite the rainstorms, we played on. Mitton did fantastically well in their first game, beating Bishops Cleeve  side with 224 runs for 4 wickets. Our next match against Oak Hill had a slight break where we had to take cover from the torrential downpour. Oak Hill were a strong side and we just missed out on another win. However, we still racked up a good score of 217 runs for 4 wickets. Our final game was against Queen Margaret, who were down a player so our team offered them an extra player for each of their games. This truly showed off TEAM Mitton’s fantastic sportsmanship. After another rainstorm, TEAM Mitton stormed ahead and achieved another win with a tremendous score of 261 runs for 1 wicket. Unfortunately, we missed out on entering the next stage of the tournament by 6 runs. TEAM Mitton were brilliant and I would to thank them for how responsible and polite they were. It was a great afternoon for showing off our super cricketing ability.


On Tuesday 5th July, TEAM Mitton took part in the Tewkesbury Athletics Event at Tewkesbury school. The children were AMAZING! The staff were so proud of the support and determination that they witnessed from our superb children. TEAM Mitton did fantastically well and finished second overall out of the large schools in the track and field events. This meant that we finished second overall out of the large schools. You were all fantastic! Go TEAM Mitton.

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